Full Support



ドレス・スタイリング・ ヘアメイクアドバイスも行えます。

​進行内容 BGM ギフトのアドバイスなど 挙式当日の挙式当日の立ち会いを含め フルサポートいたします。


$4,000 [総費用×15%]+tax

Venue coordination and decoration based on your desired concept

We will propose flower arrangements and paper items that match the theme color.

You can also give advice on dresses, styling, hair and makeup.

​Details of progress We will provide full support, including attendance on the day of the ceremony, such as advice on BGM gifts.

$4,000 - up to 15% of your total budget + tax

Photo Shoot Direction / Photo Tour


上記金額は Direction Fee です。



$2,000 [総費用×15%]+tax

Meeting and consultation, recommendation of the location and the vendors in advance and total direction on the shooting day.

This is only the direction fee and the costs of the vendors / transportation are not included.

$2,000 - up to 15% of your total budget + tax

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